Practice Insights: Managing T2DM in Older Adults

Volume 1, Issue 4

In this issue:

Avoiding hypoglycemia, recognizing cognitive dysfunction, and individualizing treatment to account for renal insufficiency, cardiovascular disease and other comorbidities — these are just some of the factors that impact treatment decision-making for older adults with type 2 diabetes.

In this issue, Dr. Amisha Wallia (Feinberg School of Medicine) and Dr. Susan Karam (Ochsner Medical Center) take us to the exam room to translate the information from their recent Newsletter Issue into real-world clinical practice.

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Continuous Alternating Therapies: A Clinical Perspective

Volume 8, Issue 11.

In this issue:

Inhaled antibiotics have become the foundation of treating chronic respiratory tract Pseudomonas infection in individuals with cystic fibrosis. But what happens when inhaled monotherapy doesn’t sufficiently manage the symptoms? Which patients are appropriate candidates for treatment with multiple inhaled agents?  Which medications are appropriate for continuous alternating therapy (CAT)?

In this Issue, Dr. Elliott Dasenbrook from the Cleveland Clinic brings the evidence he analyzed in his recent eCysticFibrosis Review Newsletter issue (Vol 8; Issue 10) into the clinic to help guide clinical decision-making.

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