Addressing Mental Health in CF

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Anxiety and depression in cystic fibrosis — who do these conditions affect? How much do they influence patient health? How can clinicians identify and manage them? What evidence-based interventions have been shown to work?

In this issue, Dr. Anna Georgiopoulos, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Part-Time, Harvard Medical School and Consulting Psychiatrist, Massachusetts General Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Program, takes us to the clinic to answer these questions that can be key to the health and well-being of children, adults, and families living with CF.

UPDATE 5/1/2020 – COVID-19: Keeping Up With A Moving Target

In this update for clinicians caring for patients with COVID-19, Sue Hansen, MSN, BSN discusses the basics of mechanical ventilators:

  • Indications for mechanical ventilation
  • Ventilator complications in COVID-19 patients
  • Safely moving patients on ventilators
  • Preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia, and more