Pulmonary Hypertension: Clinical Workup & Diagnosis

Volume 1, Issue 6.

In this podcast Dr. Paul Hasson from Johns Hopkins explains the complexity of pulmonary hypertension
and the importance of a rigorous diagnostic workup and describes the basic diagnostic algorithm to accurately classify the type of pulmonary hypertension encountered in a specific patient.

COPD: Inhaled Strategies in the Clinic

Volume 1, Issue 4.

In this podcast, Dr. Nadia Hansel discusses the evidence describing the preferred treatment for symptomatic patients with COPD who have a low risk of exacerbations, describes the evidence for the preferred treatment strategy for patients with GOLD grade D COPD, and explains the role of supplemental oxygen therapy in patients with COPD.

COPD Clinical Insight: Increasing Medication Adherence

Volume 1, Issue 2.

In this podcast, Dr. Michelle Eakin from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine discusses the high prevalence of medication nonadherence and its negative impact on clinical outcomes in patients with COPD, identifying patient risk factors that are associated with poor medication use in COPD, and and describes efficacious interventions to support medication adherence.

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